cannabis infused beef and vegan jerky

Dr. Feelgood Jerky

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Health and Nutrition

a protein rich medicated snack for jerky lovers.

Our jerky:


Sage-cleansed beef and king mushrooms, dehydrated with love. So good, you won't want to put it down! This jerky has 100mg of THC, CBD, protein and nutrients. Chew on this healthy goodness.



Cannabis has helped many with problems ranging from ADHD and insomnia to autoimmune disorders and cancer. This product started out as an answer to those with pain who had food allergies, but can be enjoyed by all.

I started making beef jerky when I was 8 years old in Philly.

It all started with an infomercial for a dehydrator, and I've been making it ever since. Having many food allergies, I not only sought to create a delicious product, but one that I could eat as well. Then, I discovered the near close texture of the King Oyster mushroom, and then THC just made sense after that. Sign up or order some today! I'll see you back here when you re-up.

Chanelle Henry

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